Our Alaskan Cruise started in Vancouver, British Columbia. We took full advantage of  an opporunity to see a new place! We arrived on the 4th of July before embarking on the 6th of July.

Before the big game!

Just so happened that the FIFA Women’s World Cup was being played there on the 5th of July too !

I love sea planes, and took quite a few shots of these!
Emily with the Royal Mounted Police…Bears?


Notice the light jacket and long-sleeved t-shirt? Dress warmly we were told…it was hotter than hades!
The famous Capilano Suspension Bridge. It was a sight to see!
I loved the lushness of this park. It was so beautiful to me!
They were not kidding, nature at it’s best!
Takes about 50 years for a fallen tree to be totally consumed and broken down completely in this area.
Banana Slugs is what they have in this area…they must be fast, we never even saw one!

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