Living The Good Life!

The Lord is indeed my shepherd!

Praying is easy, and it’s the best habit to have.

Travel is essential to us. It relieves of daily stresses and puts us in tune with the beautiful creations of our Lord.

We are committed to seeing, hiking, experiencing and living the most beautiful places on earth; from our neighborhood to the other side of the world!

Food along the way, art galleries, museums, state and national  parks make our lives and travel all the more interesting.

Through HIM all things truly are possible.


Our Worship


First and foremost, we are Christians. We are part of the oldest Christian rites known; Catholicism.

We love our Faith and are always trying hard to be better Christians and good humans. 

He created all living things. 





        Little Red House Finch a our Window!








Having Fun!


Because of our focus on Faith, Family and Fun, we try to always round out our days with prayer, worship and laughter. It’s pretty simple. Live, Love and Laugh.

Being a good Christian is really  hard work – no one ever said it was easy.

We try hard to incorporate a life of open dialogue and forgiveness. We offer encouragement and prayer for each other and the ones we love in this world; as well as those with whom we have had no acquaintance, but need our prayers. 



Reflecting on the things we should have done, did in bad judgment, and things we have completely failed to do, whether consciously or unconsciously- we try to always think of the life we ‘want’ to lead, but have somehow failed as we try to live in harmony with Christ’s teachings.

We must proofread and open our hearts and minds to prayer, asking for forgiveness, while at the same time, also learning to forgive ourselves. In doing so, we become more empathetic to our fellow humans and we become more in tune with how Jesus has already saved us by the shedding of his own blood.