Silly Sayings Y’all

You know those sayings?  Part 1

You know those ‘mom-isms’ that you have heard, and mostly repeated your whole life?

Things that Grandma said, that for some reason Momma didn’t. Things that one aunt said but the other 2 didn’t. Why? Who knows…who cares; it’s funny when you look back. Obviously, many of these sayings are probably local, regional or even national, some are best just ‘kept in the family’. 


Go ahead, laugh a little!

My silly life.

Me:  “Mom, are we going to town today?”

Mom:  “God willing and the creek don’t rise…” 

For Momma, trust me, more posts will follow this one, she takes a little more explaining. 


My Grandma would say to us grandkids if we were messing with things that shouldn’t be touched:                 

“Keep your hands out of my clean dishwater or I am gonna knock pie dough out of you. I mean it, now git.”

If that weren’t funny enough she also had this one up here sleeve: “Stop that nonsense or I will dough-pop both of you.”

Where did she get that stuff!? I would ponder it for a lifetime, laughing at the thought of her making pie crusts and rolling up a piece of dough and literally popping someone upside their head with it. Too funny!


My Daddy, most likely where us kids all get our great senses of humor, was absolutely off the cuff spontaneous with so many quips! Some were used over and over because we, well at least me, would fall for it all… over and over again.

“Blondie”, he’d say, “do you know what really burns my butt up?” 

I’d always answer, “No, Daddy, what really burns  your butt up?”

He would put his hand out, palm side down, about as high as his hip and say, “A little blue flame about his high, Blondie.”

It never ever failed to amuse me!

Daddy’s best ism’s were surely those out of nowhere comments that were funnier than Jerry Lewis at his best:

Daddy: “Blondie, you’re going swimming?”

Me: “Yes Sir!”

Daddy: “You know that you’re going to get wet, right?”


Daddy: “Hey Blondie, was it cloudy that last time it rained?”

Me: “Yeah… wait, what?” 


Daddy: “Blondie, don’t drink that water! “

Me: “Why Daddy?”

Daddy: “Because it will rust your pipes.”


Me: ‘Daddy, What’s your blood type?” 

Daddy: “Red.”

And OH so much more…

Stay Tuned Silly Sayings!

If you have any fun family sayings or local-isms, please share them with me! 

Here’s a little picture tribute to the folks mentioned here:


Grandma Cates
Grandma Cates
Daddy, Momma and Whitney Dawn
Daddy, Momma and Whitney Dawn 2011

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