Hello again everyone!

Sauteed to perfection.

I try to never waste anything. It could be that I am a frugal chef or it could just stem from my childhood of poverty…either way, I have learned to make some of my left-overs taste better than their original servings. No, really!

DSC_0001 (1)

This is just an example of how I use left-over rice- which we have a lot of, because we eat so much rice in our house- and because I always make a lot more than we need for that meal, purely so that I WILL have left-over rice.

We use BOTAN Calrose Rice -it’s a sushi grade rice- sticky and perfect. I’m a little spoiled  with this rice after living with my Chinese husband for 3 years!

Calrose Rice

Leftover rice is great alone or in any of your meals where you need it in a hurry!


For this dish, I drizzle the left-over rice with sesame oil and black sesame seeds before I do anything else. This recipe is made using about 2 cups of left-over rice that has been either refrigerated for a day or so, or from rice that I have thawed from a frozen state.

Let the drizzled rice sit out to warm up at room tempurture while you clean and prepare the vegetables that you will be using. Let the veggies drain from the washing and rinsing or pat them dry so as to keep the hot oil from spattering so much – it also helps to keep the vegetables crisp. Go ahead and prepare and slice the smoked sausage into grillable discs that are easy to pick up with chopsticks.
fresh veggies

In a hot wok or non-stick skillet, add a few tablespoons of olive oil. Add the vegetables and sautee for a few minutes until very fragrant, but not too soft or overdone. You want to keep them crisp and crunchy.  Remove the vegetables to a warm bowl for holding while you grill the sausage pieces (in the same skillet or wok) to the degree of darkness that you prefer.

Then, when sausage slices are ready, add vegetable back in to the skillet with the sausages and add about a quarter cup of soyaki sauce and a quarter cup of sriracha sauce. Saute well and add rice, continue to saute for a moment or two until everything is well coated. Add a scrambled egg or a fried egg on top of the dish as it is served for an extra special treat!

I use Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce and Sky Valley Sriracha- these two sauces have great flavor, balance and sweet heat. Adjust the Sriracha to your liking or add it onto your food while eating if you don’t like hot and spicy foods all that much.


Freshness abounds!

Cheers and love,


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