Escaping Atlanta traffic and the Mongol Hordes…

Taking a vacation, for me, is hard work. As, I am sure, it is for most folks. There is a lot of work involved dang-it!

But anyway, we’ll skip all that moaning, because, work though it may be, getting away from the crowds of this big city is worth any work involved.

I could not be more serious when I say that I absolutely despise cranky, rude, overcrowded cities. Vince and I refer to all of this as “the Mongol Hordes”.

Escaping is of the essence for sanity!

Atlanta traffic is one big hateful place to be. Blessed be to the mother who has to pick her child up from school to make it to a doctor’s appointment across town…even more woe if there happens to be any form of precipitation! I mean, as if things could get any worse than the traffic in a sprawl of 5 million people, add in a few sprinkles (not the happy kind of sprinkles that make ice cream look even prettier) and things will grind to a stinking halt!

What happened to deep south Southern Hospitality!??

Where’s my pie? (that’s more like it!)

The lack of hospitality, by way of friendly driving- or should I say, unfriendly driving, makes escaping this cacophony of honking, finger displaying, cursing and fist shaking banshees goal number one for me. There is a reason I have not been to the High Museum of Art more than twice! Or why I have not visited most of the awesome sites around Atlanta!

I mean, that’s true for everyone, right?  We all loathe hateful cranky traffic and dream of “parcels of peace” in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, in our family, we all long for home sweet home and our own beds after after a few days away. However a breather from all of the craziness is always nice.

Our most recent escape from the Atlanta area was fall break in the Albuquerque, NM area last week.

My husband had a few moments in our jaunts around Albuquerque where he would literally say out loud, “I thought for a second that something bad or even catastrophic had occurred and we weren’t in the know.” This being said simply because a trip to Costco was peaceful and quiet without honking and screeching, nor lines of traffic in or out of the parking lot. Heck, there were only a few cars on the road to begin with, which is hard for us to fathom considering how we waste our lives away in traffic lines in the city of Mongol Hordes! (It’s unbelievable what 5 years in Georgia has done to my psyche!)

Albuquerque is very peaceful; the people so gracious and friendly!

We enjoyed that peace, and the sanctity of nature; as well as the geological phenomenons of Albuquerque and the surrounding area with full hearts! 

I hope you enjoy the photos. 

May the Peace of our Lord be with you always!

Love, Dawn



Tent Rock National Monument -Photography by Dawn Wang


Lake Abiquiu- Photography by Dawn Wang

The Little Oasis in the Desert.

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