HOme Cooking vs eating out

If you’re new to cooking, you may feel like it is easier and more fun to just eat out, rather than being ambitious and trying your hand at ‘Kitchen Chemistry’. Perhaps you have inhibitions, harsh critics or just self doubt. Food science, whether self-taught, or otherwise, is plain old simple fun and it will become very rewarding! Even when mistakes are made that make you feel like you might never catch on… don’t give up!

Don’t let this temptation of eating out fool you into believing that you’ll never be able to create your own ‘barbacoa’ or flambeed bananas with homemade ice cream. There’s a fundamental difference between the two types of dining and that difference is what makes home cooking so much healthier, less expensive and fun to do!  


Think about the kind of food that you like the most. Research it, peruse a dozen online recipes and combine an amalgamation of your own wants and tastes, ask a friend or a family member to share their recipe, or better yet, ask them to give you a tutorial on their methodology for the meal you would like to make. You can then take things a step or two beyond that. Now, you are able create, morph, and make the recipe your own!

For example, when you try your hand at something like Pork and Tofu, (a family favorite in our house), you might not have tofu on hand and you really would like to proceed without leaving the house for the grocery store. Well, that’s where a little creativity and self courage will light the path for you. Substitute with scrambled eggs!  I had this exact thing happen to me. My husband and daughter were a little sad looking when I explained we had no tofu to go into our “Pork and Tofu” dish. They dug in anyway and were pleasantly surprised! Scrambled eggs are now a staple in our Pork and Tofu, even with the tofu included. 


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