Leftovers again!?

Well, yes.  When I am only cooking for me and I want a quick and healty meal…it’s always a stir fry that summons me to the leftover rice in the fridge.


We were at Costco recently and grabbed a new item- TruRoots Sprouted Rice & Quinoa Blend.  We love it!  I had some left-over from my lunch two days ago and decided to use it in a stirfry today.  Turned out quite well!


We didn’t name our blog cornbread and chopstix without reason. This dish was definitley asian inspired- with a southern flair.  How so?

Well, I decided to add a little fresh okra to the sauteed veggies in the beginning. Not bad, not bad I tell ya!

20160415_142628 One large Portabello, one green onion and 4 small fresh okra pods, with pepper flakes.
Cold rice and quinoa, toasted sesame oil, less sodium soy sauce and garlic (minced)
About 1/4 teaspoon of Chinese Five Spice. Haha, is that dust on top of my five spice lid?
Hot skillet or wok…toasted sesame oil and saute on high heat.
20160415_142952 - Copy
Just a bit more to ensure the okra is tender…
Add the cold rice mixture and sautee on high, just until heated.
Prepared for the egg to be dropped in and scrambled.
20160415_143220 - Copy
Why are eggs so beautiful in a dish…I don’t know, but they sure get me excited! Scramble into mixture for a few moments, add a bit of soy sauce and serve hot!


Super tasty!  Delightfully healthy and oh so quick and easy!!


Hello Okra…my little Gumbo friend.
Vince is on his way back from NYC today…had to save half for him or he will be jelly!

You can of course use any left over rice that you have. It’s better to use cold rice for stir frys so that it doesn’t get too mushy. On occasion, I use leftover black rice, also known as forbidden rice. Feel free to add chicken, pork or shrimp if you’re more of a meat eater than I am.

Did I mention that I never waste food!?


Honestly, I take each meal with a prayer for blessings and nourishment- I always reflect on those who went to bed hungry and wake up hungry with the possibilty of not getting any food again for the day. Be mindful of those who have less than you do and those who have nothing at all.

God Bless!