Vince and I on a Caribbean Cruise July 2014.


We are a multicultural family. Half Asian – half Southern; whole happiness! Full of fun and silliness, we enjoy food, the outdoors, music, laughter, fitness, travel, friends and family! We LOVE life! We will take you on a fun-filled ride  of delicious food, travel destinations, outdoor excursions of biking, paddle boarding, hiking and photography. We will show you our home DIY projects; our crafting, art and holiday decorating. We will open your eyes to great books that we have read and great products that have used. We will share our family’s favorite recipes, new food creations, cultural fusions, and kitchen tips & tricks.

Please join us on our journey of life, love and laughter!

I’m Dawn. I am a southern girl; a country girl. I was a beans and cornbread kind of kid. I lived on fried potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and okra anyway it could be cooked, and almost always served with hot fresh skillet baked, crispy, yet steamy cornbread. Thank you Mom! I dug potatoes, picked peas, shelled those peas and shucked corn with my Grandpa on his little garden patch in southwestern Arkansas. When I wasn’t popping corn for an after school snack every day, I was asking Grandma for their leftover cornbread. Cornbread and popcorn were and still are two of my favorite foods. (Not that I don’t love almost any kind of food you put in front of me.)

DSC_0853 (2)
Family vacation cruise to Alaska…this was Glacier Bay. Vince’s sister Mae is another expert photo-bomber! Happy is as happy does!

My Vincent is a Chinese-American. He was born and raised in New York. His parents met at the University of Illinois; both having emigrated to the U.S. from China. Vince is as American as I am- but with a rich and mystical Chinese culture deeply embedded in all that he is. He grew up going to Saturday Chinese school with his little sister- as his parents hoped that they could maintain, enrich and instill that ancient culture to an even deeper degree than what the children experienced at home. Vince was, however, every bit as American as any other little boy I knew. He had a love for back yard hunting with his B.B. gun and love for playing football at Saturday Chinese school…more so than learning Chinese enrichment! In fact, football is what he seems to recall the most.  As an adult, he has lived in Texas, North Carolina and a little over 20 years in the Atlanta, Georgia area. If you ask him, he will says he is as redneck and hillbilly as me…or my brothers. But don’t be fooled. He is as hillbilly as I am Chinese!

While we both have a lust for fine dining, it’s that melange of flavors from down to earth foods that have been tastefully prepared with just the perfect amount of seasonings and love that really make us happy!

When we first started cooking together, we discovered how much we loved each others’ family favorites and childhood comfort foods. We had some crossovers and some twists in our meals. I began learning some new words! So did he, ha-ha.  Soon I was learning some new recipes and even more unique and exotic flavors and dishes. Man, I could not have been happier. I felt like I had been invited to a new land, a new secret life, a delectable culture of mouthwatering nirvana. The taste and flavors were nothing like the ‘Chinese’ restaurants in the towns that I had lived in throughout my adult life- and I THOUGHT that food was good! I almost felt cheated…then I realized I was blessed!  I began to embrace the simple but amazing foods with an intensity that would suggest that I had too much to learn with too little time to learn it. This nosh was overwhelmingly wonderful.

I remember my first trip to my in-law’s home- it was unbelievable! It was for the Christmas holidays. That meant that I got to taste extra special dishes that are usually only served at the holiday season. My sister-in-law, Mae, asked me after a few days if I was sick of Chinese cooking and food yet. I could not make her believe that I was in food heaven. She kept asking if I wanted Mexican food or Italian or anything else.

Nope, I’m good. Really good!

A Mother’s Day surprise! My son Robert, front and center, always the clown- drove from Texas to Georgia to see his Momma. His wife Nicole could not make the trip. My daughter and her fiance came too. Whitney Dawn is in the Master’s of Fine Arts program at East Tennessee State University. Her boyfriend, Evan, had just returned that morning from a semester abroad in Chile. Poor Vince is just trying to see over the clown boy. Robert is a master at photo-bombing. Long before photo-bombing was a hipster trend. : )
Vince and Emily….with Robert sneaking in to bomb the photo!